iThinkLogistics VS Zepo Couriers and Shiprocket: A Detailed Comparison

ithinklogistics vs zepo vs shiprocket

With the development of technology, it’s not just the e-commerce that is growing every day. Going hand in hand, the logistics and the courier companies are also strengthening its base. They are allowing these e-commerce businesses to successfully trade their products all across the world.

Being an e-commerce store owner it is very important to choose the right logistics to deliver your product. In this way, you can stave off the tension of a lot of negative phenomena that can come in the way of your business growth.

Every year thousands of business dealers go through a huge loss due to mishaps like product breakage, improper delivery, and innumerable return request. This is not only affecting the customer and seller relationship but is also weakening the country’s economy.

People are losing faith over these online stores and gradually moving back towards the old school go and buy method.

How we started out?

Thus, in order to stop this phenomenon before its too late, Zaiba Sarang, a young entrepreneur took an initiative in 2017, to put a full stop to this mismanagement. She, along with four other young enthusiasts (Vipul Yadav, Paresh Parmar, Bharat Karotra and Nikul Dodiya) started iThinkLogistics. They wanted to revolutionize the way people look at modern-day logistic solutions.

With AI-driven technology they started building a virtual calling software that would confirm the details of the products before it’s out for delivery. By forming a separate NDR team, she went on to create a good communication medium for the customers and solve all the issues of non-delivered products.

This has been seen to reduce the return request to almost 15%. Their excellent customer support along with outstanding service is what makes them stand out in the crowd.

Don’t go for the Words. See what makes us different

iThink has been competing with few other similar companies since it’s establishment. Despite being a newbie, the company is already providing a lot of additional features that other sites are not. So next time when you are on the verge of deciding which courier company to go for, the answer will be right in front of you.

iThink Logistics Competitor Comparison and Analysis

iThink Logistics has been working on providing stellar services in India and outside through a streamlined process. Among other competitors, iThink Logistics comes out to be one of the aces in the league due to several reasons. Being a very young organization, the founders built a separate software to link different courier companies with the best logistics to online sellers in India. This helped them connect sellers to their respective markets on a large scale and operate at their best capacity.

Even while facing competition in the industry, iThink Logistics has several salient features that its competitors do not. Below you will find a detailed explanation of why iThink Logistics has a competitive advantage in their operations.

Logistic Support

While other competitors such as Zepo Couriers provide their services only domestically, iThink Logistics runs optimized operations not only in India but internationally as well. With courier company connections all over the world with the best delivery time, iThink Logistics makes it possible for online sellers to widen their scope of sales by selling to clients globally. iThink’s customized software makes sure that a seller is linked to the closest, the quickest and most convenient courier company that fits their budget. Once the order is placed, all the seller has to do is wait for the time of depositing the product. The rest is taken care of with efficiency.

FeatureShiprocket (Lite)Zepo couriers (Lite)iThink Logistics
Logistic SupportDomestic and internationalDomesticDomestic and internationals

Logistic Partners

iThink Logistics’ custom-made software has made it possible for multiple courier company choices for the e-sellers. We have partnered with famous names such as:

  • FedEx
  • E-com Express
  • Delhivery
  • Xpress Bees
  • E kart
  • Bluedart
  • Aramex

DOTZOT is the only courier companies not on board. They have only partnered up with Shiprocket (Lite).  Zepo Couriers have just three partners for their courier services namely FedEx, Delhivery and Bluedart.

FeatureShiprocket (Lite)Zepo couriers (Lite)iThink Logistics
Logistic PartnersFedex, Aramex, Bluedart, E-com Express, Delhivery & xpress Bees, DOTZOTFedex, Bluedart & DelhiveryFedex,E-com Express, Delhivery & xpress Bees, E kart, Bluedart

Courier Rates

The pricing per kg for courier services play a major factor when it comes to being the preference of e-sellers. Keeping in mind the budget and expectations of our clients, our charges per 500 gm start at Rs 38.

Shiprocket’s charges begin at Rs 32 per 500 gm and Zepo Couriers at Rs 55 per 500 gm, we make sure you get the absolute worth of every penny spent by investing the most efficient route to ensure your goods reach their destination safe, intact and on time.

FeatureShiprocket (Lite)Zepo couriers (Lite)iThink Logistics
Courier Rates Starting fromINR 32/500gmINR 55/500gmINR 38/500 Gm

Pin Codes Supported

iThink has stellar connectivity for its delivery network. It caters to over 26,000 pin codes, which is at par with Shiprocket’s connectivity. However, Zepo Couriers caters to just 10,000 pin codes.

Providing our logistics services to so many locations, sellers and buyers both from such different locations can receive the fastest delivery and shipping services from iThink.

FeatureShiprocket (Lite)Zepo couriers (Lite) iThink Logistics
Pin codes Supported26000+1000026000+

Email/SMS Notification and WhatsApp

iThink believes that the essence of trust with our clients and their customers comes through constant updates. While both parties eagerly await the pickup and delivery of their goods, they expected to be kept on the loop in a convenient manner. Hence, we keep our clients and their customers updated with not one, but three different means so they never miss a notification. iThink ensures the parties concerned are kept informed about the latest whereabouts of their products via email, SMS, and WhatsApp. 

FeatureShiprocket (Lite)Zepo couriers (Lite) iThink Logistics
Email/SMS Notification and whats appEmail SMSEmail SMSSMS, Email and Whats app

The competitors use either email or SMS notifications, or both, only iThink logistics reach out to the parties concerned with WhatsApp notifications as well.

On-Boarding Assistance

Providing the new sellers and clients with the information they need to know to have a better experience selling their product with us is our primary concern. We provide all our clients’ onboarding assistance to run them through the process and help them get comfortable with their products being in the hands of the right logistics partner. While Shiprocket does have an on-boarding assistance service too, Zepo Courier does not. 

FeatureShiprocket (Lite)Zepo couriers (Lite) iThink Logistics
On-Boarding AssistanceYesYesYes

Phone & Email Support

Keeping up with the industry standards along with our competitors, iThink, too provides round the clock email and phone support to our clients when they need us. Our solutions are quick, precise and provide immediate solutions for any kind of issues the seller or buyer may configure.

FeatureShiprocket (Lite)Zepo couriers (Lite)iThink Logistics
Phone & Email SupportYesNoYes

Free Trial Period

Customers in the Logistics sector look for affordability as well as quality assurance in services. While a trial period helps them understand the workings of the company, it is unfortunate that the perks and benefits last only a short time. To access additional services, they often have to join a premium membership and that costs a lot. While the trial periods of Shiprocket and Zepo Couriers are 15 and 14 days respectively, iThink logistics is different. We focus on building long term, loyal relationships with our clients and hence our trial period lasts in perpetuity.

FeatureShiprocket (Lite)Zepo couriers (Lite)iThink Logistics
Free Trial Period1514Forever Free

Registration fees

Zepo Couriers charges registration fees of Rs 2,000 per courier company for regular logistics services, iThink Logistics’ registration is for free. On a similar path, Shiprocket chooses to keep its registration free as well. This gives us an edge where multiple courier companies willingly join hands with us and the ultimate benefit goes to e-sellers and buyers due to such a big range of courier services. 

FeatureShiprocket (Lite)Zepo couriers (Lite)iThink Logistics
Registration feesFree2000Free

Dedicated NDR Team

iThink Logistics has an internal NDR team dedicated to looking after all the problems and cases where the shipments are left undelivered. They try to reach the root of the problem to the failure of delivery by inspecting the entire process from top to bottom and scan for any errors made. Our NDR team contacts all parties concerned such as the customer, the delivery person, and the seller to make sure that the package is delivered on time and in the safest condition.

Our NDR team works round the clock for every customer, Shiprocket provides its NDR service only to enterprises. Zepo Couriers does not have its own NDR team which shows how easily customers and sellers can rely on us for problem configurations.

FeatureShiprocket (Lite)Zepo couriers (Lite)iThink Logistics
Dedicated NDR TeamFor enterprise onlyNoYes

Subscription fees

While our services do not have a subscription fee to customers, both Shiprocket and Zepo Couriers charge subscription fees for regular sellers. Our no fee policy has worked in the benefit of several sellers by saving a substantial amount in the long run. This gains us several loyalty points and long-term relationships.

FeatureShiprocket (Lite)Zepo couriers (Lite)iThink Logistics
Subscription feesYesYesNo

Single POC

Shiprocket has the facility of a single POC for only enterprises to send their goods, while Zepo Courier has none. iThink Logistics ensures that everyone gets the benefit of having a single POC to ensure efficiency in delivery and its various processes.

FeatureShiprocket (Lite)Zepo couriers (Lite)iThink Logistics
Single POCFor enterprise onlyNOYes

Real-time tracking

Both Shiprocket and Zepo Couriers along with iThink provide real-time tracking for the status of the goods and the process it is going through. This keeps iThink in league with the industry standards as our services are always above the industry standard.

FeatureShiprocket (Lite)Zepo couriers (Lite)iThink Logistics
Real-time trackingYesYesYes

API integration

iThink, as well as its competitors, have an API integrated system that processes requests from clients to ensure seamless functioning within the company. API connects and communicates with various devices and an application used for logistics at the same time and keeps the systems of the organization updated.

FeatureShiprocket (Lite)Zepo couriers (Lite)iThink Logistics
API integrationYesYesYes

Remittance Cycle

The remittance cycle also plays a big role while being chosen as an online seller’s logistics partner. The shorter the remittance cycle, the quicker the online sellers will receive their money earned from COD deliveries. iThink Logistics cares for our customers’ earnings by having a remittance cycle of just 7 days, while both Shiprocket and Zepo Couriers have a cycle of 15 days each. Our easy payments system makes it extremely comfortable for the sellers and gives them additional confidence in our services.

FeatureShiprocket (Lite)Zepo couriers (Lite)iThink Logistics
Remittance Cycle14 Days14Days7Days

Dedicated Finance Team

A dedicated team to manage all payments and financial aspects of deliveries for sellers manages the financial aspects of remittances at iThink Logistics. This makes it incredibly easy to gain the customers’ trust while having their numbers calculated and paid right on time and gets full faith from the party. Our competitors such as Shiprocket and Zepo Couriers do not have any such dedicated facility.

FeatureShiprocket (Lite)Zepo couriers (Lite)iThink Logistics
Dedicated Finance teamNoNoYes

Reduced RTO Percentages

RTO refers to the process of a product being Returned To Origin. It is painful for the seller to have their products undelivered to the person concerned due to several reasons, be it late delivery, unable to accept COD, communication issues and so on. At iThink Logistics, we easily handle the problem of handling the process of shipping products and delivering them in a way that the chances of them being labeled RTO and sent back to the seller are reduced by a huge margin. While competitors may run through delivery hiccups, we don’t.

FeatureShiprocket (Lite)Zepo couriers (Lite)iThink Logistics
Reduce RTO %NANAYes efficiently

Virtual Calling

What distinguishes iThink Logistics from all its competitors is the facility of virtual calling. The AI-driven technology helps the executives coordinate with the customers before the delivery is made. It also helps us to confirm the product description with the customer before a product is packed and shipped. Only after final confirmation from the buyer’s end, the products are packed and shipped to the targeted addresses. It has been observed that this concept has helped sellers reduce the product return ratio to almost 15%. iThink Logistics not only acts as a mediator but also a moderator, which helps to build a better economic status for both the sellers and the buyers. 

FeatureShiprocket (Lite)Zepo couriers (Lite)iThink Logistics
Virtual Calling systemNoNoYes


Looking at all the observations above, it is easy to conclude that iThink not only has one of the best logistic processes but also cares for the start to end chain. Be it the courier company, online seller or customer, the satisfaction and loyalty of all are easily gained due to the priority and top-class services provided by us. We also have customized features and technology that our competitors lack, hence our performance in the market and our reputation, both are note-worthy.

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