Most Demanded and Hot Selling Products in India

most demanded products in India

It couldn’t be more right to say that the shopping trend in India embraces the upliftment of socio-economic standards at every corner of the country. Remarkably, people today are more open to spending their money on buying what they desire, thanking much the ease of accessibility and improved living standards of the people. The chain of manufacturing and selling is well maintained for the most demanded products in India in the current market.

While some of the common products are ruling the Indian market allowing both the eCommerce and traditional market boom in the current economic whirlpool. The online market with its steady growth since 2009 has marked the groundbreaking record in India by 2016. With a lot of influences from social media and constantly climbing through the stands of economic success and not to forget improving lifestyle, Indian buying trends have developed a lot.

Top-grossing and hottest selling products in the Indian market, currently

Here is a list of the most demanded products in India and its market that is bought, loved and ordered by the majority of the crowd.


Not a surprise! Apparels are definitely the one thing that is never going to lose its charm in attracting daily buyers and customers of all kinds. The hype for new garments and staying in trend will never go off the hook. Any garments, clothing, and suiting are evergreen products in the Indian market that will always have the highest revenue and return than any other products.

The recent stats in the apparel segment especially for eCommerce, the trajectory seems to multiply four times in the coming five years. Clothes stay in fashion through all seasons, festivals and occasions. Though there has always been a bigger chase for women fashion and apparel in India, the country is all a top seller for men’s clothing throughout the nation and along all seasons. 

Apparels will remain the most demanded products in India for the upcoming years and businesses aiming to attach their accord with garment and clothing will enjoy a measurable ROI.

The Indian textile and apparel market was worth US$ 102.2 Billion in 2018. The market is further projected to reach US$ 225.7 Billion by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 14.2% during 2019-2024.

Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics is definitely the next big thing to make it on the second spot as the top product to be sold and purchased in India. Mobile Phones, Laptops, Digital Cameras, Power Banks, and a lot more are the most demanded products in India. The high demand in the nation and drastically increased the involvement of top-order business ruling the markets. If the product lacks in quality, you are out of your game!

While eCommerce businesses have made it easier for people to shop at convenience, discounted prices and lucrative offers have made smartphones as one of the top-selling consumer electronic products in India making it the 5th largest consumer durables market. Also, eCommerce businesses report that consumer electronics comprise 21.8% of total web sales earning the owners with a higher ROI.

It won’t be an exaggeration if it is argued that technology will prevail for as long as humans live. This makes it endless buying and selling products like mobile phones, tablets, laptops and more. 

Food, Health & Beauty Supplements

With huge market presence and vastly used by almost everyone in India; food, health and beauty supplement products have trending and demanding market presence. Each quarter, Google registers huge traction of consumers in India engaging with various brands for beauty products, food, and health supplements. The demands for protein supplements, low-fat food products, green tea, and other items with detox factors. This segment of the industry also includes fresh foods and groceries.

Also, keeping in mind, as eCommerce business has made it easier for people to buy such products, the traditional also record a high level of engagement with customers daily. The present market worth for the sector is $360 Billion marking India as the 6th largest online grocery market and is booming. With the current pace at which Food, Health & Beauty Supplements are being favored in India, it is estimated that the online grocery market will soon be compounded with an annual growth rate of 65% by 2022.


Perfect attire is incomplete without the right shoes to go with it. This is strongly believed by every Indian, especially by women. With more indulgent of foreign brands and open market culture, the market scenario for footwear is flourishing under all circumstances.

The shopping trends through eCommerce in India show the equal enthusiasm of both men and women towards footwear. The current pace and the rising demand has put the country is a place with an expected consumer durable market growth of 13% by the financial year 2020. 

The market is a mix of both international as well as local footwear brands who are trusted by people. Sneakers, Sports Shoe, Converse as well as flip flops are bringing in grossing sales across the Indian market. However, the market has expanded beyond the authentic products manufacturing and the first copy of every branded shoes are easily available. That being said, the market for footwear in India is diverse and is definitely the top grossing product in the Indian market.  


When it comes to owning gold or diamond, nobody can compare with any Indian woman and her grace. Jewelries and gems have their base of attraction and fantasy for every Indian. Where most of the products sold in the market take a major effort from the salesperson to convince the customer, however, things are totally different for jewelry.  This sector encompasses over 15 percent of India’s total merchandise exports and contributes to 7% of total GDP.

Based on its potential value addition and the current state of demand, the jewelry industry is a top grossing and hot selling product of the country. Despite several festivals and occasional hype for dazzling jewelry, every Indian woman is equally enthusiastic about buying jewelry. This was what pushed the gold demand in India by 760.40 tonnes by the end of the financial year 2018.

Though with the inclusion of western jewelry, people have now developed different tastes toward the design and quality of the gems used. This product category has a greater potential for growth given to the proportional growth of retails/brands in the industry.

Fashion Accessories

Keeping alongside all other products people buy to keep their fashion up to the mark, the need and enthusiasm for additional fashion accessories will never die out. In fact, various innovative and handmade accessories like matching purses, belts, cell phone covers, beauty products, hats, bags, and other travel accessories are well sold in the Indian market.

Given the rapid development of fashion outlook among people in the country, no one is paying their attention less towards these complimentary touch-ups to their day to day fashion. The growth of the product in the Indian market is greatly influenced by small scale industries. Though the current analysis marks a remarkable growth at a CAGR 64.87% in terms of revenue until the year 2019. Apparently, the current pace in the eCommerce sales of fashion apparel evidently suggests the growth in the sector by 35% by 2020.

Fashion Accessories are a hot selling item in the country with the least risk factors or possible chances of market disrupture. This never-ending craze makes it the perfect product to be sold both online and offline markets. 

Kitchen & Home Furnishing

The next grossing and hot selling product category is a kitchen and home furnishing. While the entire segment of home decor is a craze for everyone in the country, people find a way to buy at least a piece of decor or kitchen furnishings. The current sales for kitchenware, home decor and furnishings are skyrocketing and based on the current analysis, customers are getting involved in the bedroom and dining furnishes with a pace of 6-7% each year.

The major driver of sales in the field is innovation and creative handicrafts of different products that people find unique to add them to their homes. Presently, the transition from offline to online selling approaches for furniture and kitchenware has seen a huge growth in attempting to cross $20 billion marks in the Indian market.

The recent market analysis deliberately suggests huge traction and seasonal demand for the Kitchenwares and home furnishing making the top grossing product in India’s eCommerce marketplace. The market is soon projected to cross Rs. 40,000 crore by 2020 given to the rising demand for creative and unique home furnishings.

Toys and Video Games

Yes, it is right! Toys and Video games have made it to the top list of hot products that are being sold in the Indian market. With people more exposed to the internet and children’s having access to the internet, gaming has evolved as a grossing product that can be sold to a vast number of the target audience in the country.

While the toy sector has not seen much additional growth in its sales over the recent years, the craze for digital games has gone radically high. As reported, the video games segment amounts to US$1,411m by the end of 2019 however, subjected to growth at CAGR 10.7%. The figure is quite high. In comparison to the top selling games sold in the Indian market, mobile games are the hot selling of all followed by PlayStation and Xbox.

The current market scenario for toys and video games doesn’t seem to slow down. As a reason to make it in the list of top-grossing and hot selling products in the Indian market, video games beat a lot of possible products you can think of.

Over the other best things that are being sold or bought online, few other trending categories are hot selling in the country.

Handmade goods

In this crazy world for artificial and machine-made products, people find it trending to go along with homemade or handmade products like bags, shoes, jewelry, and whatnot. The authenticity of the products and the trusted raw materials used are what makes it special. Selling products from home save a great deal of production cost and are a great way of selling through the competitive Indian market. Anything unique and out of the box is always welcome.

Many people crave for the handmade decors or merchandise carrying the authenticity of the original makers. These are generally well coupled with vintage art-forms or skills that are being passed along by generations. Also, not only a great success in the Indian market but traditional hand-crafted goods is a craze in the international market. The nation marks an export of 117.8 billion Indian rupees worth of handmade goods to foreign markets. No wonder it is soon going to rank high as the most demanded products in India.


So here we are after listing the most demanded products in India currently and is subjected to run successfully with potential for the next few decades.

All the products listed are equally promising of generating higher returns to your investment only when marketed and sold with the right strategy and quality.

The list may continue with a lot of products that are presumably leading the market in the coming years but until then, we definitely have our top 10 hottest selling products listed.

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