Which are The Topmost Cash on Delivery Courier Companies In India?

Top 10 courier companies in India

Whether it’s the charm of not having to make an immediate payment while buying something, or be it the lack of enough trust for the seller, the cash on the delivery concept in e-commerce has skyrocketed in a massive way. Here are a list of topmost cash on delivery courier companies in India.

The evolution of e-commerce business has not only increased the percentage of people buying things online, but has also contributed to the substantial economic growth of the country. The e-commerce sector has witnessed massive growth, and the statistics are unbelievable.

According to the survey conducted by Confederation of Indian Industry, it has been seen the despite the low usage of internet in certain parts of the country, the e-commerce sector has tripled its turnover from 20,020 crores to 83,096 crores between 2010 and 2014. And it can be predicted that by 2020, the turnover might reach to near about 660,000 crores.

There are a lot of factors, that makes COD in e-commerce one the most convenient and trustworthy mode of payment, and some of the major reasons are listed down below.

The Advantages of cash on delivery courier Company in India

For Customers:

The familiarity and Trust

Advantage of COD for customers

Being a developing country, there are a lot of places in India which has not digitalized enough yet. Most people living in the outskirts (the rural and suburban area) are unfamiliar with internet banking, even if they have a bank account. Hence they prefer the familiar and trustworthy way of buying things online. Cash on Delivery in such cases provides reliability and an easy way of making payments.

The Security

One of the major advantages of Cash on Delivery in e-commerce is the maintenance of security.

No financial information is given out and hence the customer can stay assured of being free of any kind of fraud. It also staves off the tension of refund in case of non-delivery of the product. The customer can pay only after they get the product in hand. In that way, there is no risk of any kind of money loss.

Product Quality issues

Paying via COD, allows the customer to check the quality of the product before payment. In case the product is defective or somehow a different product has been delivered, he/she can always return it without paying

For Sellers

Advantage of COD for sellers

Great Marketing strategy

Sellers giving out the options of COD, are earning great popularity among its target customers and are receiving a good amount of revenue through the process.

Building trust

Sellers giving out their products without taking up immediate payments are building their trust among potential customers.

The best cash on delivery courier companies in India

the return statistics of courier companies

In an infographic published in Invespcro, it has been stated that 30% of the total product ordered online receive a return request from all over India. It is calculated that 20% of the customer receive a damaged product. 22% of them gets a different product than what was ordered. 23% of them receive a complete wrong product. A part of the statistics also constitutes to other logistics issues.

To everyone who is seeking out an answer here, let us tell you whenever you are running a business you become the front face before a customer. They don’t see the courier companies in India that you are tied up with. They see you. So any sort of mishap leads to your reputation being at stake.

So if you are looking for the best cash on delivery courier service in India, for your business, then you must familiarize yourself with the current statistics and scenarios. Go for the courier companies in India who have the record of the lowest return rates, and can fix all the delivery issues within 24hours. In this way, it will become easy for you to make the correct choice. Not only that if all these logistics constraints are removed, then you can stay assured that there will be no return requests. Every company has its own advantages and disadvantages and the topmost courier companies in India are given below.

Blue dart

They are currently the topmost cash on the delivery courier service provider in India. 

Bluedart logo
Delivery areaSetup FeeShipping costCOD FacilityShipping Verification
17,677 pin codesFreeDepends on the product amountYesNo 

They ship to over more than 17,677 pin codes including India and outside. The pricing is weight-based and their price finder feature will help you to calculate your logistics cost. They are decent and trustworthy when it comes to efficient delivery. Their services are time-bound and they undergo regulatory clearances to prevent confusions and errors.


It is an old courier company providing good delivery service.

Delivery areaSetup FeeShipping CostCOD FacilityShipping Verification
6500 pin codesFreeDepends on the product amountNoNo 

Their services are reliable and fast. However, there are quite a number of limitations when it comes to Cash on Delivery. For the retailers, the amount shows up in their bank account within 1-2 days of the product delivery. If you face a return request you will have to wait at least 3- 7 business days for product return.


It is one of the fast and reliable courier services. However, when it comes to cash on delivery there are quite a few limitations.

Delivery areaSetup FeeShipping CostCOD FacilityShipping Verification
6000 pin codesFreeDepends on the product amountYesNo 

The cash on delivery of FedEx works upon a specific set of rules. So you can avail the option only if you fall under those categories. You can check the terms and conditions by visiting their site. According to me, FedEx is better if the product is prepaid. They have quite a lot of policy which can be really confusing at times.

India post

Without a doubt is another great cash on delivery courier service. The company was holding the top position for quite a long time before a few other companies crossed its position.

India Post
Delivery areaSetup FeeShipping CostCOD FacilityShipping Verification
26000 plus pin codesFreeDepends on the product amountYesNo 

It is another great cash on delivery courier service company in India. It is extremely reliable and their word of mouth is vouched by their quality of service. They cover the highest pin codes among all the other courier companies. They do not have a minimum order amount. One of the added advantages of India post is that if you are shipping products of less than  35 kgs, then your pick up cost will be absolutely free.


It is another well-known courier company. They ship to almost 14000 pin codes across India. They take a little extra time to deliver, but you can stay rest assured that your product will reach your customer undamaged.

Delhivery logo
Delivery areaSetup FeeShipping CostCOD FacilityShipping Verification
14,000 pin codesFreeDepends on the product amountYesNo 

They cover three trips in case of non-delivery. But their charges are high as compared to the above-mentioned courier companies.


It is famous for handling deliveries in both express and cargo mode in India. The domestic parcels are shipped via road, while heavy deliveries are done through cargo.

DTDC logo
Delivery areaSetup FeeShipping CostCOD FacilityShipping Verification
10,000 pin codesFreeDepends on the product amountYesNo 

The cost is decent, but the delivery takes quite an amount of time. In case the delivery is delayed, the freight charges increases and you will have to pay an extra delivery charge for your product. It is good if you are shipping products within a small distance range.


It is also an old logistics company established in 1989. They provide services over more hundred critical locations and their warehouses are spread over 3.3 million square feet. Their pricing varies based on the weight of the product that you are shipping.

gati logo
Delivery areaSetup FeeShipping CostCOD FacilityShipping Verification
19,000 pin codesFreeDepends on the product amountYesNo 

First Flight

It is one of the oldest courier companies in India that provides the cash on delivery service. It was established in 1986 and currently have a base of more than 17000 employees.

Delivery areaSetup FeeShipping CostCOD FacilityShipping Verification
4,500FreeDepends on the product amountYesNo 


Xpressbees is an e-commerce logistics company in India offering reliable logistics services and solutions. Their on-time delivery is popular through our extensive network across India.


With cash on delivery facility and easy return policy, they are a good logistics service provider.

Delivery areaSetup FeeShipping costCOD FacilityShipping Verification
8451 pin codesFreeDepends on the product amountYesNo 

Choosing the right courier company in India is more crucial than you realize.

One bad service and your whole business can go down.

We hope have been able to answer your question. There are a lot of options to choose from. As a retailer, you must choose your cash on delivery courier service carefully. Make sure the courier company doesn’t keep you waiting after the payment is received from the customer. A lot of low budget companies keeps their customers waiting for months. And if you get a return request, that is going to be an added headache.

Due to these types of poor service quality, the COD option gets a bad name, but it is probably one of the best options to choose if you want to gain your customer’s trust. As an e-commerce business owner, it is extremely important that you retain the customers that you have.  Do proper research and then go for selection. Make the right choice, and you don’t have to worry about unnecessary money loss.

Which courier company to go for?

All these companies are extremely reliable and are pretty consistent since the past few years. So choosing one becomes really difficult without having an experience with any of these companies in real life.

But the major factor you should consider…

It often happens, especially for the start-ups and small e-commerce companies that they don’t always have an experienced team to handle the logistics problems that happen on a daily basis.

Customer service matters a lot for a successful e-commerce business. Hence in such a competitive market, you cannot afford to lose a valuable customer for any logistics failure.

To solve this challenge, Zaiba Sarang came up with this idea of iThink Logistics, so that you can avail any logistics without having to worry about the delivery issues and losing customers.

We are tied up with major courier partners to ease out your shipping even to the remotest corner in India.

With the help of AI-Driven technology, we take guarantee to reduce your eCommerce return rate significantly.

You take care of your business while we take care of your logistics

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If you are someone who takes up the services of any of these courier companies, feel free to add your review in the comment section below. In case we have missed something major, you can let us know about that in the comment section below. Until then, happy shipping.